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Residential Services

Providing Preventative Maintenance for Residential Properties

air duct cleaning wichita ks

Air Duct Cleaning

Good indoor quality of air helps promote the safety and well-being of your family and anyone who visits your home. ATD Maintenance LLC is a certified HVAC cleaning service that offers competitive market prices with guaranteed results.  

Venetian Plaster

We create custom, one-of-a-kind venetian plaster walls or ceilings. These accent walls can create a luxurious feel for a lower price. You choose the different designs from marble, texture, and shine. You choose your accent colors and we make your space feel comfortable and low-maintenance.

house cleaning services wichita ks


Each family has its own unique challenges. ATD Maintenance LLC will prioritize the wants and needs for each home with a customized cleaning plan that complies with all the family's housekeeping needs. We specialize in cleaning common areas, kitchens, and restrooms.  

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